Craft Distilling Academy Launches New Home Distilling Seminars in Denver CO

Nov 29, 2012

Mile Hi Distilling develops Craft distilling Academy to help educate the home distiller in all of the major concepts of distilling.

Craft Distilling Academy has been launched in an effort to educate home distillers nationwide with the information needed to stay safe and effective in the hobby of home distilling. Classes are bi-monthly in the Denver CO area. However, future classes are being formed by Home Brewing Shops where Craft Distilling Academy will work with a Home Brewing Shop in various cities across the nation to bring the Seminars to a the entire nation. With the increase in home distilling across the nation and world, Craft Distilling Academy desires to help move people from beginner to Craftsman. In the seminar people will learn:

  • Still Types and how they work
  • Mash Type – Each class will develop 3 different mashes in class
  • Heat Sources and their Pros and Cons
  • Distilling – What everyone came for! The class will actually distill the 3 different mashes that were developed earlier in the class.
  • Cutting – Cutting your distillate into Heads, hearts, and Tails is crucial to quality product!
  • Filtering – To filter or not to filter…
  • Aging and Bottling

For more information please visit The Craft Distilling Academy website.