2015 Annual Spirits Conference & Vendor Expo

  • A packed room for the general session
  • Gary Hinegardner, of Wood Hat Spirits, talks with David O'Neal and Linda Person of the Sidetrack Distillery
  • Keynote speaker Orlin Sorenson of Woodinville Whiskey
  • ADI President Bill Owens answers the phone.
  • Gordon Lung, right, tends the Vendome Copper and Brass Works booth at the vendor expo.
  • Charles Finkel of Pikes Brewery, center.
  • Richard Wolf, of Wolf Consulting, give the State of the Industry address. Things are looking good.
  • Master Distiller Hubert Germain-Robin
  • The Owens Illinois team at their booth.
  • Gin Distilling Workshop at Captive Spirits with Ben Capdevielle.
  • Eyeing a new still.
  • Matt Hofmann of Westland Distillery conducts a Malt Whiskey distilling workshop.
  • Lauren Oscilowski of Glacier Distilling, right, and Wayne Curtis
  • Left to right, Nancy Fraley, ADI Director of Research, Sara Smith of Summer Fruit Cup (UK), and Julia Nourney spirits consultant (Germany)
  • Mike Selberg of Canon Beach Distillery, a one-man operation, accepts the award for Best of Class Rum.
  • Mike Selberg, of Canon Beach Distillery, accepts the award for Best of Class Rum from David Waldoch of Owens Illinois and Andrew Faulkner, ADI Vice President.
  • Darek Bell, left, of Corsair Distillery, accepts the Bubble Cap Award for Distillery of the Year from ADI President Bill Owens.
  • Mhairi Voelsgen, of broVo Spirits, accepts the award for Best of Class Liqueur from Paul Clarke, left, Executive Editor of Imbibe Magazine and ADI Vice President Andrew Faulkner.
  • Robert Hess gives the award for Best of Class Vodka to Stark Vatten Vodka.
  • Auctioneer Kip Toner helped raise $19,000 for the ADI Internship Fund at the Awards Gala.
  • Medals and auction cards
  • President of the Washington State Distillers Guild Steven Stone of Sound Spirits kicks off the Awards Gala.
  • ADI Vice President Andrew Faulkner
  • Auction card frenzy at the Awards Gala
  • The Grand Ballroom of the Sheraton Downtown Seattle was packed for the Awards Gala.
  • Holly Robinson and Ben Capdevielle of Captive Spirits poured their Big Gin prior to the Awards Gala.
  • Micah Nutt, left, and Jason Parker of Copperworks Distilling.
  • The Washington State Spirits Tasting prior to the Awards Gala.
  • The Nosing for Faults breakout with ADI Director of Research Nancy Fraley and Julia Nourney, spirits consultant (Germany).
  • The Nosing for Faults breakout
  • Fort Dearborn Company
  • Saver Glass




MARCH 30 – APRIL 2, 2015


Click here for information and registration