THURSDAY, April 6 & FRIDAY April 7, 2017

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Instructor: Nancy Fraley, Nosing Services

This class will be a more in-depth version of the 1 day Blending class.

Day 1 will be spent in the class room, but will go into more depth than the 1 day class as we examine the traditional philosophies and methods of blending whiskey and rum, and “cross-over” techniques in blending, and borrowing from one tradition to the other to create something new. Other topics will include how the barrel room or warehouse can be used as a tool to achieve certain aromatic profiles, wood policy, the effects of entry proof, water reduction or “proofing” theories, etc. Finally, we will discuss the practical applications of blending, selecting and balancing the proper components for the blend to achieve a targeted whiskey or rum profile, and the impact on flavor of spirit and wood.

Day 2 will be much more “hands-on” as we work at the Joseph Magnus distillery. We’ll discuss cellar management, learn what to look for when creating a blend when analyzing barrel samples, and finally, creating blends that will be judged by other class participants.

$700 fee includes:
– 2 days of blending & Maturation instruction (Day 1: Hyatt Inner Harbor / Day 2: Jos A. Magnus in DC)
– Lunch on Thursday and Friday
– Bus transportation between Hyatt and Jos. A Magnus Distillery
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