Beyond Gin

Using Botanicals in Spirits in a new (and very old) way

Monday, March 26, 2018

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Townshend’s Distillery (aka Thomas & Sons Distillery)


Instructors: Ray Nagler, Head of Operations, and Seth O’Malley, Head Distiller

This workshop will survey the use of herbs and spices in spirits. We will discuss how variables like time, proof, and temperature affect extraction. The course will focus on bitter flavors in particular, exploring different bitter botanicals and how to use them. 

Townshend’s Distillery, rooted in a tea company of the same name, specializes in botanical spirits, including gin, amari, and novel herbal liqueurs.

$400 fee includes;

– Instruction,

– Lunch

– Round trip transportation from conference hotels to New Deal Distillery.
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