ADI Opens Request for Proposals for 2020 Distilling Research Grant

For Immediate Release 8-9-20


Media Contact: Erik Owens, ADI President

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HAYWARD, CA—The American Distilling Institute announces the opening of the 2020 Request for Proposals (RFP) for the 2020 Distilling Research Grant. The proposal period runs from September 8 until November 25th.

“We are proud of the work done so far under ADI’s Research Grant program,” said ADI President Erik Owens. “In just it’s third year, the research grant is proving to be an important source of original research, advancing the knowledge of the craft distilling community as a whole.”

The Distillers Research Grant (DRG) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to funding open-access research that will tackle the important questions being asked by today’s craft distillers. DRG is funded by the American Distilling Institute’s (ADI) online auction house, filled with donations from the world-class vendors of supplies and equipment used in the distilling and beverage industries.

This year, in addition to proceeds from the online auction, grant funding was supplemented by ticket sales from ADI’s first-ever Virtual Conference & Vendor Expo. Attendees of the conference took part in a voluntary “pay-what-you-can” model for this year’s ticket sales, revenue which in part will now help fund this year’s DRG.

Submitted proposals are reviewed by an independent advisory committee which then awards grants. ADI is proud to offer administrative support to a strong independent advisory committee invited from academia, industry, government, and independent consultants to evaluate proposals for innovation in craft distillery. Since 2003, the American Distilling Institute (ADI) has worked hand-in-hand with craft distillers to build an industry driven by innovation, a commitment to excellence and a willingness to bet on the long shot.

In 2019, the committee awarded nearly $20,000 in research grant funding to three recipients. Topics under investigation include ancient stills, oxygen uptake in barrel-aged spirits, and the use of molecular spectrometry in distillery quality control. Detailed information about current research can be found at

ADI’s 2021 Craft Spirits Conference & Vendor Expo in Louisville, KY, has been rescheduled for August. The next online auction will be held in February 2021.

“ADI has been dedicated to supporting the growth of the industry since its inception,” Owens said. “We believe the ADI Research Endowment and Grant have a critical role to play as craft distillers look to expand their knowledge and refine their approach to craft spirits production.”

The 2020 Grant Proposal submission period opens September 8. Submission guidelines and instructions can be found at