About ADI

The Heart of Distilling

American Distilling Institute (ADI) is the largest small-batch, independently owned craft distillery association in the world. Founded in 2003, ADI has become a beacon for the diverse and inclusive craft distilling community — serving as the go-to source for all information on the craft distilling. It is this unwavering commitment to the craft distilling community that is at the core of the ADI.


Our Mission

Our mission is to foster growth and success of craft spirit producers through hosting best-in-class conferences, providing comprehensive educational services, offering networking opportunities and connecting producers with top-tier solutions providers.



Letter from the President

It has been an eventful and satisfying journey since ADI’s inception 20+ years ago. ADI is now the premier global organization for the craft distilling community to gather, network and learn about the art, business and science of distilling. ADI is driven by its love of the distilling community, joining in the quest for the perfect spirit by nurturing the growth of craft distilleries. Dedicated to its members and the craft community, ADI promises to provide support, education, products and events that promote the growth and success of the craft distilling industry.

The Certified Craft Spirits program was created to raise public awareness of small-batch, craft spirits — distinct from the larger, more well-known and well-heeled distilleries. Presently there are over 3500 spirits in the online searchable database on distilling.com that distributors, wholesales, buyers and bartenders can use to find the best the craft spirits industry has to offer.

The calendar year starts with the ADI International Spirits Competition, where ~1,000 spirits, 50 judges and 15 stewards spend three days sampling the best the craft spirits in the world. During the competition, nearly 250 glasses per hour are distributed to judges, picked up, cleaned, refilled to start the process again.

The annual ADI Craft Distilling Conference & Expo is held every spring and attracts ~2,000 attendees and 170 vendors. The Conference and Vendor Expo is a two-day event sandwiched between the Gin Summit, Guild Tastings and 1-3 day classes. The hands on workshops and classes cover a range of topics such as How to Start a Distillery, to advanced discussions Spirit Maturation, Nosing for Faults, and deep dives into production of the main spirit classes.

The ADI Conference itself comprises the Expo floor, with vendors and suppliers who sell anything any distillery would needs; the Gala (the “Academy Awards” of the craft distilling industry), with the ADI International Spirits Competition award winners receiving medals on stage, and the biggest award of the year, the Bubble Cap, is given to the best distillery in the US. The conference additionally has ~50 Educational breakout sessions and panel discussions, which run every hour for two days straight in 5 conference rooms.

The ADI Forum is an incredibly active online community, with thousands of active users every hour in countries around the globe. If you have a question about craft distilling, this is the place to find answers.

Our website distilling.com is the nexus of free information such as our eNewsletter, Distiller Magazine Online and Map of Distilleries. It also serves as the gateway to our member site with member-only resources such as the ADI EDU Video Library, Business Plans; and launching soon, an online searchable Distillers Resource Directory. Members also receive Distiller Magazine which is easily among the most beautiful trade magazines out there, and featuring dozens of articles covering current topics facing the industry.

White Mule Press provides books covering information needed for all distilleries, from R&D to commercial operation, such as the just-released The Nano Distillery: The Future of Distilling.

The first ADI conference had ~60 attendees in 2003, and today we have just passed 2500 active craft distilleries in the US. The industry has grown and continues to grow — both in the number of craft distilleries and in the apparent desire of consumers to imbibe the best the artisan world has to offer. ADI will continue to pioneer new paths in order to bring craft spirits to the public and to strengthen the community of distillers and their providers.

Thank you for all your support and we continue to look forward to more years of growth ahead.

Erik Owens
President of ADI