This book is for anyone responsible for the business performance of a craft distillery. Distillery Finance is an overview of the fundamentals of accounting and finance through the specific lens of distilleries. It provides guidance on how best to structure the chart of accounts, interpret financial statements, structure a company, and budget for the future. Readers will find accounting theory as well as guidance for practical application. The foundations presented are as relevant to a startup as they are to an established producer. The book also includes interviews and commentary from other experienced distillery executives and professionals who have an expertise in serving the distilling industry. Distillery Finance is the original and authoritative publication on the subject. It belongs on any distillery professional’s bookshelf.

Maria Pearman, CPA, is an expert in the beverage alcohol and specializes in internal accounting processes, financial reviews, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, financial strategy and succession planning.

Maria is a featured speaker, author, and instructor on topics in the beverage alcohol space. She has taught courses at the University of Vermont and Portland State University.

She is also the author of Small Brewery Finance, published by the Brewers Association in 2019. She resides in Los Angeles.

ISBN: 1736980262
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 136