Desert Diamond Distillery – Barrel Reserve Program


Jun 06, 2012

At a loss about what to buy that person who has everything? Think rum-a 5 or 10 liter barrel of rum, to be exact! Desert Diamond Distillery, located in Kingman, AZ offers rum enthusiasts the unique opportunity to experience a hands on approach to a barrel of their very own premium Barrel Reserve Rum.

The 5 liter barrel program, starting at just $375 OR the 10 liter program, starting at $750.

While the program begins with a selection of either a 5 liter or 10 liter barrel, the focus is on visiting the Distillery to prepare the barrel to your specifications. While the barrels must meet a certain criteria for the brand, each barrel will also have different nuances, making it unique.

“We have been thinking about offering a 5 liter barrel program for the last year now,” said John Patt, one of the owners. “It started out as something we wanted to offer to our VIP list and it will be a one of a kind gift!”
“We consider it an honor that we can offer a fun program to consumers who love our product so much that they would want to experience the barrel process and buy an entire 5 or 10 liter barrel,” said Patt.

For more information on the “Roll Out the Barrel” programs please contact Deborah Patt at 928-757-7611, or email