Distilleries are the new toast of Washington

May 04, 2009

The first surprise when people hear about Pacifique absinthe from Woodinville is that absinthe is available at all.

It’s known as a mysterious green liquor banned decades ago for supposedly driving drinkers mad.

The second surprise is that hard liquor is made in Woodinville, land of wine-sipping and bucolic picnics.

Yet there it is, a licorice-flavored concoction being served with water and sugar cubes at homes and bars around Washington.

Absinthe and gin began flowing a couple months ago from an industrial park in Woodinville.

Grappa is being made by another Woodinville distillery with a tasting room alongside popular wineries.

A distilling fervor has gripped Washington, giving the state five new liquor makers in the past year and 13 more awaiting distillery licenses.

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