ADI is excited to announce that it has awarded three different Distilling Research Grants through the ADI Research Endowment, an initiative that supports craft distilling by funding scientific research. Supported by an annual charity auction, the funds are managed by an independent Advisory Committee composed of academics, distillers and scientists. Recipients were chosen based on how their proposals would further the science behind craft distilling.

This year, the recipients of the Distilling Research Grants are:

Eric Stroud, Owner and distiller at Mohawk Spirits Distillery in Canajoharie, New York, to fabricate and test three still designs dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

Robin Felder, Master distiller at Monte Piccolo Farm and Distillery in Charlottesville, Virginia, and team, to assess the utility of molecular rotational resonance spectrometry in distilling quality control operations in three distillery settings. 

Conor O’Driscoll, Master distiller at Heaven Hill Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky, to study how oxygen enters and interacts with distillate in whiskey barrels aged in various locations in aging warehouses

Read the full details on each proposal and learn more about the DRG here.

The Distilling Research Grant aims to make research accessible to craft distillers across the world, and as such DRG recipients will present the results of their research to the distilling public. The recipient of last year’s inaugural DRG prize, Robin Felder, will present the results of his research into fast Fourier molecular rotation spectroscopy at this year’s ADI Virtual Conference.