In April 2023, ADI welcomed Henrik Zimmermann to his new role as Director of Sales and Marketing. We’re thrilled to have Henrik’s deep expertise in sales, customer relations, and conference operations on board. If you haven’t gotten to meet him yet, read on to learn more about why he loves the craft spirits industry, his preferred bourbon cocktail, and why, if you’ve been to an ADI conference in the past, Henrik’s face might already look familiar.

Tell us a little bit about your background and career, and how you got connected with ADI?

I am originally from Frankfurt, Germany, and moved to the United States in late 2011. I always worked in the hospitality industry, until recently at Fern Exposition Services, the decorator company that helped ADI hold its annual conference. In that role, I managed behind-the-scenes logistics and sales working alongside the fabulous ADI team to help put together a successful conference.

What excites you about working in the craft spirits industry?

 I’m excited about the opportunity to support our members who create unique, high-quality products that reflect their passion and creativity. I enjoy learning about the different techniques, ingredients, and stories behind each spirit and how they can be used to create amazing cocktails and experiences for the end consumer. I also appreciate the craft spirits community, which is supportive, collaborative, and innovative. Working in this industry allows me to combine my skills and interests in marketing, sales, and customer service with my passion for spirits.

After working for a decorator, you’re very familiar with conferences. As we look towards ADI2023 Las Vegas, do you have any tips for people about how to get the most out of their time? Anything you’re looking forward to in particular?

Attending a conference can be a powerful opportunity to learn new skills, network with peers, create meaningful connections, and discover new trends in the field of craft spirits. However, it can also be overwhelming and exhausting, so make a conference preparation plan and schedule your time wisely. This year, I’m looking forward to meeting new people, exchanging ideas, and learning from their experiences. I also hope to make some valuable connections that could lead to future collaborations or opportunities.

What’s your spirit or cocktail of choice?

While I like a bourbon neat, an Old Fashioned is usually my go-to cocktail.

How can someone connect with you?

My LinkedIn profile handle is and you can contact me directly at