In the city of Louisville, KY — the epicenter of American distilling — resides the country’s premier distilling school, Moonshine University. There, students from all over the world come to learn the art of distilling from some of the most highly skilled, professional Master Distillers in the industry.

Of course no single series of workshops could teach everything one needs to know to open and operate a distillery — and that’s a fact Moonshine University uses to build their curriculum. In addition to a robust set of course materials each student can take with them upon completion, their approach is to focus on the topics students don’t already know, and to teach them how to keep developing their skills long after the workshops end.

“We built Moonshine University in a region we knew that could support making all kinds of spirits,” says David Dafoe, founder and owner of Moonshine U. “Our goal is to educate and train people who want to build and operate their own distillery without wasting time and money learning by trial and error.

“The first time you see your bottle on store shelves — it’s an unbelievable feeling. Since 2012, Moonshine University has helped hundreds of people experience that feeling.”