Looking for a new flavor? Need a little help making your next choice at your local bar or bottle shop? Dining and drinks writer and judge Virginia Miller combs through new craft spirits releases to taste, review, and recommend. Here are her top 12 picks of the month, rated on a scale of one to five.

My bottle review column (last month’s edition here) is about what is unique, standout, new and/or trending in spirits with my review ratings on a 1-5 rating scale. My 10 bottle reviews of the month:


• Mount Gay Eclipse Navy Strength Rum


Since 1703, Mount Gay is the oldest running rum distillery, located in Barbados. May 1, 2024, they launched a new limited-edition rum, Mount Gay Eclipse Navy Strength ($29.99), from master blender Trudiann Branker. Drawing on rum’s naval history, it’s a mix of rums aged two to four years. Though a bracing 57.1% ABV, the Eclipse is quite balanced, bold with banana, pineapple and chocolate without running cloying or too sweet. It has all the pleasing flavor of the original Eclipse in greater abundance, and holds up even better in cocktails with that higher proof. 
Taste Rating: 4

• Tso’Ok Rum


Tso’Ok Rum ($42 SRP) from  from NorCal’s Craft Distillers is another standout fresh sugarcane Oaxacan rum from the the remote Mixe mountain highlands in Mexico’s Sierra Norte. It has more in common with rhum agricole and cachaca than molasses rums. The flavor profile is grassy, green, fresh, fabulous, double-distilled from cane that is pressed, fermented with crushed stalks and wild yeasts.
Taste Rating: 4.5


Sausalito Liquor Co. Marin Coastal Gin


Sausalito Liquor Co. is a new brand from the idyllic, Mediterranean-esque, waterside town of Sausalito, gazing over San Francisco and the SF Bay. They produce three spirits: Marin Coastal Gin ($34.99), Unsinkable Bourbon, Unsinkable Rye. Founded by part-time local bartender and marketing exec, Scott Jampol, Marin Coastal Gin showcases local California citrus peel and foraged nori (seaweed), angelica seeds from nearby Santa Rosa, and two types of juniper. The citrus and juniper both come through strongly, with a hit of spice and saline worthy of Sausalito’s seaside location.
Taste Rating: 4


Balcones Mirador Eclipse Texas Single Malt Whisky


Since its early founding days formerly under Chip Tate, I haven’t kept up as much with Waco, Texas-based Balcones Distilling. But their latest release is the best I’ve tasted from the distillery since. Mirador Eclipse American Single Malt ($100 SRP; 55% ABV) is crafted by head distiller Jared Himstedt, a layered beauty showcasing two strains of yeast — red wine and rosé yeasts — with the house malt whisky yeast, aged in first, second and third-fill Kentucky bourbon casks. The bright, golden whiskey unfolds with floral, tropical fruit, almond, lemon and green-herbaceous notes.
Taste Rating: 4.5



Not a Celebrity Tequila 


Not A Celebrity Tequila ($40 SRP) is a sassy name and the basic, clean label hides a nicely crushable, additive-free tequila. Just released May 5, 2024, and distilled at Galindo distillery in Los Altos, Mexico, it’s an agave spirit cleanly and purely made from only agave and water. As clean as it is, the palate also has present notes of citrus, cooked agave, white pepper and a subtle but pleasantly present nuttiness. 
Taste Rating: 4


Gracias a Dios Mezcal Tobala and Tepextate


Distilled by maestro mezcalero Oscar Hernández Santiago in Santiago Matatlán, México, Gracias a Dios continues the tradition of distilling Oscar learned from his mother. Though he shreds their Karwinskii agaves mechanically with its tough fibers, their agaves are crushed by horse-drawn tahona, made with soul and rusticity. Gracias a Dios Tepextate is from 25-year-old wild agave, a mineral, citrus and tobacco-forward mezcal with hints of rubber. The 15-year-old wild Tobalá agave is my favorite of the two mezcals I tried from the line. Also funky with rubber, petrol notes and silky texture, the Tobalá exudes robust smoke that sings with lime, bell pepper and vegetal green notes.
Taste Rating: 3.5 (Tepextate) and 4 (Tobala)

RTDs (Ready-to-Drink/Canned or Bottled Drinks)

Casalu Rum Seltzers


Latino-owned Casalú (meaning “welcome to our home”) is a rum-based seltzer that first launched in 2022 in Miami from co-founders Ricardo Sucre, Gabriel Gonzalez and Gustavo Darquea, who all met attending North Carolina State University. Going off the hard seltzer craze, these are rum sodas or sparkling rum seltzers that thankfully aren’t neutral like vodka soda or most flavored seltzers. The Limon tastes like lime and rum and the Maracuya like passionfruit and rum, both using añejo rum with fruit juice, organic agave and carbonated water.
Taste Rating: 4


Waterford Whisky Peated Cuvée “Fumo”


Another lovely release from terroir-and-grain-driven Waterford Whisky, their Peated Cuvée “Fumo” (50% ABV; $99.99 SRP) is part of a three-release whisky lineup that came out fall 2023. There are others in the Waterford line I dig more historically than the “Fumo”, featuring single malt from each of the peated single farms and vintages they’ve released to date. It’s a more subtle whisky that evokes figs, oak, caramel, chocolate and mushroom umami notes. It’s not super peaty, riding gentle on the smoke.
Taste Rating: 4


Jeptha Creed Six-Year Wheated Bourbon


Women-owned, ground-to-glass Jeptha Creed distillery just launched their 6-Year Wheated Bourbon ($59.99 SRP; 46.5% ABV) May 2, 2024. As a 2000-total-acres family farm run by a mother-daughter duo, they grow their own non-GMO heirloom varietal of Bloody Butcher corn, a nutty-sweet corn, blessedly rounded out by wheat. CEO/master distiller Joyce Nethery created a mashbill of 75% Bloody Butcher corn, 20% malted wheat and 5% malted barley, aged for six years. The whiskey exudes buttery, toasty notes, but also cinnamon, tobacco, cherry and cacao bringing layers. The wheat adds honey cereal warmth that rounds it out.
Taste Rating: 4


Aspen Vodka


Aspen Vodka (40% ABV; $29.99 SRP) is distilled, yes, in Aspen, Colorado, with a sustainability focus: renewable energy distillery, regenerative agriculture and non-GMO, pesticide-free, proprietary Colorado-grown red winter wheat. Sourcing from Roaring Fork River’s clean waters, the vodka is pure and as neutral as vodka lovers expect. But since I don’t consider neutrality a flavor, I thankfully get some of that red winter wheat coming through in its gentle grain profile with subtle white and black pepper notes. 
Taste Rating: 4

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