In 2020 Cedar Ridge became the number one selling bourbon in the state of Iowa. This unprecedented accomplishment has set a high bar for a craft distiller to meet, and has established a new standard in the industry. Kudos to this farm-to-glass, family run business!

[ Top ] The Cedar Ridge production team that made the #1 selling Bourbon in Iowa in 2020 
(left to right) — Jeremy Cole, Murphy Quint, Mike Keeney, Sam Bolgiano, Jon Rupp, Lauren Wild, Evan Smith and Dave Arthur
[ Opposite page ] Cedar Ridge view from rickhouse. Photo courtesy of Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery
Meet the Cedar Ridge Team — [ Back row from left to right ] Nick Hamlett, Jamie Siefken, Jon Rupp, Sam Bolgiano, 
Mike Keeney, Evan Smith, Jeremy Cole; [ Front row From left to right ] Lauren Wild, Murphy Quint , Taisun Maddigan, 
Laurie Quint, Jeff Quint, Ashton Johnson, Dave Arthur. Photo courtesy of Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery