Distilling in Ohio – Dancing Tree Distillery


Jun 14, 2012

Ohio is on the cusp of a Distillation Revolution! There are presently 12 licenses issued to manufacture distilled spirits in Ohio. Beyond these 12, there are an additional 9 pending licenses, meaning that if/when these permits are issued, Ohio may have 21 distilleries!

Now, this is not to say we have 12 different brands to choose from. Right now there are 6 distilleries with products officially listed for sale in Ohio. This means that only 6 are allowed to sell their product in this state.

Ohio is referred to as a “Control State” by those in the alcohol business. All high proof spirits with an ABV above 21% must be registered (a.k.a. listed) with the state to legally be available for sale. There are now two ways a legal spirit can make its way to your personal cabinet.