Build Your Spirits Brand with Photography

Karen Locke of High-Proof Creative and Jeremy Dunham of Polara Studio are presenting a photography-focused webinar featuring:

  • Discussion on paid photography vs. taking your own photos
  • Tips for taking your own photos
  • How to choose and work with a photographer
  • How your brand can get the most use out of your investment in photo
  • Guidance on working with a photographer

About High-Proof Creative

We’re a woman-owned marketing and branding agency for the craft beverage industry. We provide services for companies worldwide in a variety of areas including branding, website development, design, marketing strategy, social media, content, SEO, and more.

In addition to these services, we provide digital solutions for the distilling industry with website features and apps such as Small-Batch Maps.

 About Polara Studio

We’re Polara Studio in Portland, Oregon. We shoot really great photographs. Whatever you can imagine, whatever you need shot, we have the people, the experience, and the resources to deliver it. And then some. Between the seven of us, we have something like 4 million years of experience. That’s if you count past lives. If, for instance, you want to capture people sitting, people standing, people in motion, people who need people, food, people eating food, beverages, bottles, packaging, flowers, landscapes, landscapes filled with flowers, clothing, zippers, tennis shoes, basketball shoes, golf shoes, snow shoes, snowboards, skates, skis, the sky (with or without clouds), sunglasses, big, ugly animals, small, furry, cute animals, bugs and/or things that glow then we’re your guys. And gal. We’ve been around here since 1993. We’ve worked with a lot of great people and clients and we love what we do. You can see it in our work. If we do say so ourselves.