Spirits Classes & Categories

Spirits are defined first by their Class: Agave, Brandy, Gin, Liqueur, Rum, Specialty, Vodka, Whiskey

While ADI reserves to right to reclassify a spirit it will only do so if there is a compelling reason. Spirits incorrectly classified during registration may receive lower marks.

The prospective categories for entry are:

White Whiskey
Blended Whiskey (includes blended bourbon, blended straight whiskeys etc.)
Corn Whiskey
Malt Whiskey
American Single Malt Whiskey
Rye Whiskey
Wheat Whiskey
Flavored Whiskey
Hopped Whiskey
Non-typical Whiskey (mixed/other grains)
Smoked Whiskey
Irish Blended Whiskey^
Irish Grain Whiskey^
Irish Single Malt Whiskey^
Irish Single Pot-Still Whiskey^
Blended Scotch^
Scotch Grain Whisky^
Single Malt Scotch^

Pot Still Rum
Column Still Rum
Pot-Column Blended Rum
Flavored Rum
Navy-Style Rum
Overproof Rum
Spiced Rum
AOC Martinique Rhum Agricole^
Pot Still Cachaça^
Column Still Cachaça^
Pot-Column Blended Cachaça^
Sweet Cachaça^

Citrus Liqueur
Coffee Liqueur
Cream Liqueur
Fruit Liqueur
Herbal/Botanical/Spiced Liqueur
Nut Liqueur
Other Liqueur

Aged Agave Spirits
Unaged Agave Spirit
Flavored Agave Spirit
Mezcal^ (Blanco, Reposado, Anejo etc.)
Artisanal Mezcal^ (Blanco, Reposado, Anejo etc.)
Ancestral Mezcal^ (Blanco, Reposado, Anejo etc.)
Mixto Tequila^ (Blanco, Reposado, Anejo etc.)
100% Agave Tequila^ (Blanco, Reposado, Anejo etc.)

Vodka (unflavored)
Starka/Aged Vodka
Botanical Vodka
Flavored vodka

Aged Gin
Classic Gin
Contemporary Gin (including New Western and American Dry)
Compound Gin
Cordial Gin
Navy-Strength Gin
Old Tom Gin
Signature Botanical Gin
Flavored Gin

Apple Brandy
Pear Eau de Vie
Eau de Vie Other Fruit
Aged Fruit Brandy (Other than grape or apple)
Grappa/Pomace/Marc Brandy
Unaged Grape Brandy
Aged Grape Brandy
Pisco Chileno^
Pisco Perú^

Bier Schnapps
Aged Moonshine
Flavored Moonshine
Aperitif Wine
Fortified Wine
Ready-to-Drink Cocktails
Non-potable Bitters
Other Specialty Spirits

^Must comply with US, EU or other relevant international regulation.

Moonshine will loosely be defined as spirits marketed as moonshine. ADI will accept spirits distilled from sugar or grain (or hybrids of either) that the TTB has designated as Distilled Spirits Specialty. Also, any clear whiskey or whiskey, on which the words moon or shine, or which contains clear references toward moonshine on the label, will be allowed in this category provided it is designated at the time of registration. If and international distillery so chooses, they may submit a grain spirit to be judged as a whiskey, as defined in the US Standards of Identity, even if the spirit cannot be labeled whiskey in its country of origin. However, ADI will not judge international grain spirits as a bourbon or Tennessee whisky.