MEMBERS: Veteran Distillers Group

The purpose of this group is to provide an informal forum for those of us that have served to network, and to support each other in the distilling industry and with veteran’s issues.  Veterans make up a larger portion of the alcohol beverage industries then in society, something that we should leverage for our shared […]

WORKSHOP: Nosing for Faults

This highly sought-after, in-depth session will explore the various factors that influence the development of off-flavors and taints in distillates. We will look at the entire production process from raw ingredients, operational controls in fermentation, distillation, maturation and storage, processing and product transfer, and finally, packaging materials. The class will also examine methods of sensory […]


SPIRIT SUMMIT: South America


REGISTER NOW Pay what you can, suggested donation $20. Proceeds will be donated to the The Chilean Association of Gin Distillers. Craft Distilling Renaissance is happening all over the world. The South American Spirits (Virtual) Summit will consist of five each one hour long presentations on Pisco, Gin, Rum, Agave and Whiskey. The Summit will […]