Important News for California Distilling Community

Dec 01, 2008

Distillers can serve for free at any non licensed venue, with a special permit, not just a non-profit. This is a new law.

AB 2293 expands on the set of rules with respect to what winegrowers and distillers can provide free of charge to consumers. AB 2293 generally allows wine and distilled spirits producers or their designated authorized unlicensed agent to provide FREE entertainment, food, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, and distilled spirits, to consumers at a facility not licensed by the ABC, such as an art gallery. The winegrower or distiller sponsoring the event is required to work with a licensed caterer and pay fair market value for all goods and services. Attendance at the event would be limited to invited consumers who could each bring one guest. The event’s duration could not exceed four hours. The winery or distillery would be limited to no more than 12 annual events for groups of up to 400 and 24 events/year for groups of 100 or less. The ABC is authorized to charge a fee of up to $200/event. For a copy of the summary and legislation, visit the page here.

Thanks to: Lucy Farber, Office Manager St. George Spirits, Inc. for this information.