Lenny Gotter

Lenny Gotter founded Eastside Distilling and was the CEO from 2008 to 2014 when the company was the first craft distillery to go public on NASDAQ symbol EAST. During his tenure, he created more than a dozen award-winning brands and flavor profiles all the while aggressively driving business growth. He stayed on as director until 2016 when he started working as an independent consultant. Since then he has judged in a number of spirits competitions, runs his own tasting group, Portland Whisky Club, and has written several freelance articles and updates his own blog and Instagram The Liquorist with his own creations as well as reviews of craft spirits.

Washington, DC-based cocktail entrepreneur Eric Kozlik is the CEO of Modern Bar Cart, host of The Modern Bar Cart Podcast, and creator of The Essential Tasting Journal for Spirits & Cocktails. He works continuously to bridge the gap between industry professionals and home consumers, fueled by his passion for the spirits and cocktail world and his extensive background in teaching and writing.