ADI Judging Awards Logos

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Awards & Certificates

ADI provides physical awards, digital images and certificates for each winning spirit. There are no additional licensing fees or costs for for any of these materials. Additionally, any spirit that meets the requirements for our certification of craft spirits will also be provided with digital images of the appropriate certification. ADI does not sell bottle stickers however, winners have a free license to use the provided digital images to make their own stickers.

Excellence in Packaging Awards

  • Best Backbar Packaging: A best of category award to one Gold Medal bottle that the packaging panel believed pops and does the best job of standing out from the crowd of other bottles on a backbar.
  • Best Eco-Packaging: A best of category award to one Gold Medal Bottle that is produced using any number of eco-friendly methods. These may include bottles made using sustainable, recycled or lightweight materials, reusable packaging or other innovations.
  • Best Retail Packaging: A best of category award to one Gold Medal bottle that has a label and bottle design that most invites a customer to pick up the bottle off the shelf from all the others.
  • Brand Identity Medals: Award to a spirit company that in addition to superior execution in individual spirits packaging, has a harmony of design across multiple products that also distinguishes individual spirits within the lineup.
  • Packaging Medals: Award for spirit packaging that has shows overall originality, creativity, graphic design, integration of bottle design to label style, aesthetic appeal, and handleability.