Copper Heart Award

When we look back to the original conference, there were three people there that joined ADI as partners on that day, Mike Sherman, Richard Forsyth, and Alan Dikty.

Vendome is the backbone of the distilling industry in the US. at St. George in Alameda. Mike Sherman has led Vendome to be the most sought after still by US distillers. When I look through the back library of Distiller Magazine, back to the originals, Vendome ads appeared in every Distiller Magazine.

As Vendome is to the US, Forsyth is to the EU distilleries.

If a EU distillery is making whiskey in a small 1000L potstill, or in a giant 10,000L still, it is most likely going to be made by Forsyth. Richard and Bill first met in person at the conference, and have been inseparable partners since.

Allied Beverage Tanks was founded thirty years ago by Alan Dikty to sell distilleries and brewing systems. Bill and Alan’s relationship goes back forty years to when Bill owned a craft brewery and also publishing American Brewer Magazine. So twenty years ago when Bill founded ADI he needed to start a magazine. He reached out to Alan, who gladly contributed articles for DISTILLER, the magazine and also judged many of ADI’s early spirits competitions. Nowadays Alan and Allied Beverage Tanks are still building new distilleries worldwide, with new systems coming online later this year in New Mexico, Vermont, Ontario, Scotland, Barbados and Japan.

ADI wants to thank you for your 20 years plus of partnership.

Mike Sherman


Richard Forsyth


Alan Dikty