Business Plans


B&B Business Plan: This business plan is for the person who already knows how to make beer or wine. The spreadsheet shows the cost of goods and profit that you can make at this entry level. The assumption is that you have a day job.

Down and Dirty: This simple spreadsheet assumes that you have $371,600 cash in the bank, and are willing to cut every corner to get your distillery open.

Whiskey Business Plan 1 and Whiskey Business Plan 2 are business plans for a “state of the art” craft whiskey distillery. The first “DISTILLERY” spreadsheet showing the cost of buying beer from a (local) mico-brewery to distill your whiskey. It has the number showing the cost of buying NGS to blend and make gin. The second spread sheet show costs to operating a brewery to produce wash for your distillery and buying NGS to re-distill and make vodka. (I strongly recommend making your own beer wash).

NOTE: A whiskey still is not designed to distill vodka. A state-of-the-art craft vodka distillery require a large capital investment beyond the scope of these business plans.

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