COVID Craft Distillery Articles

Humans in Manufacturing:

COVID and Distilleries:

CDC Hand Sanitization:

CA allows direct shipping:

NY allows direct shipping:

IL allows distilleries to keep working:

Distillers hoping to be part of Coronavirus solution while fighting to stay in business

Whiskey Wash: Editorial: The Coronavirus Will Not Be The Death Of The Whisk(e)y Industry

Whisky Advocate: Supporting Each Other and the Whisky World During COVID-19

The Return to Prohibition

The New York Times: Distilleries Race to Make Hand Sanitizer Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

DC Eater: D.C. Restaurants Get the OK to Deliver Alcohol During Coronavirus Pandemic

The Daily Item: Liquor lobby calls for Pennsylvania to rethink state store closings

Forbes: Wholesalers Warn of ‘Black Market Liquor’ If liquor Stores Close Amid Coronavirus 

There are also a lot of good links on the DISCUS site too