Distilled Confidence Podcast


Born from a conversation at the 2022 Women Summit during our annual conference, ADI is proud to introduce our new podcast: Distilled Confidence: bar stool chats with women in the distilling industry. Our wonderful host, Alyssa Dver, is the Confidence Educator for the American Distilling Institute, Founder of the American Confidence Institute and host of the Real Confidence podcast.


Get ready to drink up some fascinating and inspiring insights from the top women in distilling. We’ll be pouring over their trials and tribulations, their victories and unique value as females in this industry long dominated by men. Hear from not just distillers, but also master blenders, botanists, engineers, educators, marketers and other industry experts, all contributing to an exciting and inspiring cocktail of experiences and perspectives.

First episode with Vanessa Braxton, Owner of Black Momma’s Vodka drops April 2023


We’d love to hear about any topics or people you’d like us to meet and cover in future pods. Drop us a note at admin@distilling.com.


Distilled Confidence is produced by American Distilling Institute in partnership with the American Confidence Institute. All rights reserved.
Original music composed and produced by David Colon Margolies with a baseline jam by Joshy T. Podcast editing by Ben Weisntein. Cover design by Ally Tuttelman and executive oversight by Jen at Doxie Productions.