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The Future of Whiskey with Angela D’Orazio

Embark on a journey of groundbreaking whisky innovation out of Sweden with Angela D’Orazio, a master blender and “Chief Nose Officer”. Join us as Angela delves into the world of artificial intelligence, revealing how AI is redefining the art of whisky creation. Don’t miss the chance to uncover the secrets behind AI-generated whiskies and the future they hold for the craft spirits industry.


Mastering Your Supply Chain with Carin Luna-Ostaseski & Lauren Shayne Mayer

Join us for “Mastering Your Supply Chain with Carin Luna-Ostaseski & Lauren Shane Mayer,” where we delve into the intricacies of Planning, Sourcing, Production, Distribution, and Returns. As industry leaders, Carin and Lauren will guide you through the management of the flow of goods and services, from raw materials to final products, using their extensive experience in creating SIA Blended Scotch Whiskey as a case study. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into supply chain dynamics and optimize your distillery operations.


Secrets to Make Your Tasting Room Go Boom with Steve Krakower

Unlock the secrets to scaling your craft distillery’s tasting room sales with Steve Krakower on this exclusive webinar, Secrets to Make Your Tasting Room Go Boom! Learn how this expert team uses online advertising to drive customer acquisition, maximize revenue, and skyrocket profits. Discover real success stories, from doubling tour sales to filling up weekly events. Don’t miss this chance to launch your marketing strategy and achieve unprecedented growth for your craft distillery.

Pouring A Strong Brand Foundation with Karen Locke, Caitlin Bartlemay, and Molly Troupe

Join us for an empowering session, “Pouring a Strong Brand Foundation,” where a collective of seasoned female distillers and industry insiders come together to share their wisdom. In this enlightening discussion, discover the art of creating and maintaining a successful brand in 2024 and beyond. Gain insights, inspiration, and practical tips as these trailblazing women navigate the landscape of the spirits industry. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, immerse yourself in the stories and strategies that will shape your craft distillery for years to come.

Supercharge Your Sales with Story-Selling with Andie Ferman

Join Andie Ferman in a captivating webinar, Supercharge Your Sales with Story-Selling. This one-hour online workshop is your ticket to transforming your brand’s narrative into an irresistibly compelling liquid love story that practically sells itself. Andie, an influential and charismatic expert in spirits education and engagement, brings her wealth of experience in training, building training programs, event planning, and management to guide you. Dedicated to hospitality and relationship cultivation, Andie will empower you to master the art of story-selling, unlocking the secrets to elevate your sales game.

What Writers Crave from Craft Distilleries with Kurt Maitlan

Join Kurt Maitland, a whiskey enthusiast and Deputy Editor of Whiskey Reviewer, as he shares insights into the world of what a journalist looks for when writing about craft spirits. Discover how to get the right attention for your distillery products as you learn how to present your story in a way that aligns with the journalist’s interests and the needs of their audience.

Maturing Your Whisk(e)y with Julia Nourney

Embark on a whiskey aging journey with Julia Nourney and Felix Nourney in Europe as they unveil the secrets of perfecting whiskey flavors. Gain exclusive insights into the unique characteristics of American oak and various European woods used for barreling whiskey. Your decision on wood choice is pivotal, ensuring your whiskey attains the unparalleled taste it deserves. Don’t just age, age with precision and distinction.

Finding Your Tribe with Daniel Whittington

Indulge your passion for fine spirits as we embark on an extraordinary journey with Daniel Whittington – a true polymath of the whisky world. A renowned whisky YouTuber, sommelier, distiller, blender, Chancellor, and captivating musician, Daniel is more than just a pretty face; he’s one of the maestros at the Whisky Marketing School, a distinguished institution within the hallowed halls of the Wizard Academy in Austin, TX.

Daniel will share his unparalleled expertise on whisky, community, and the art of finding your tribe. Learn how to attract like-minded people who share your love of craft spirits and build meaningful connections with them. Don’t miss out on this unique experience. Reserve your spot now and learn how to summon your tribe!


Fine Tuning Your Tasting Room Experience with Zac Cole

Join us for an insightful webinar on “Fine Tuning Your Tasting Room Experience,” where Dr. Cole, a passionate advocate at the intersection of tourism, hospitality, and conservation, will share his expertise in creating unforgettable experiences for your distillery guests. As the program director of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Flagler College, Dr. Cole brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help you create an impressive tasting room experience. His passion for extending learning experiences beyond the classroom will inspire you to transform your tasting room into a captivating space that leaves a lasting impression.


Expanding Beyond the States with Scott Schiller & Andy Boughey

There are many ways to sustain the growth and keep up with demand. One of the smartest ways to increase your output of distilled spirits is with a continuous column still. This webinar will compare and contrast continuous distillation against batch distillation and weigh the pros and cons of both.

Building More Bang for Your Buck with Kris Bohm

There are many ways to sustain the growth and keep up with demand. One of the smartest ways to increase your output of distilled spirits is with a continuous column still. This webinar will compare and contrast continuous distillation against batch distillation and weigh the pros and cons of both.

Why You Need A Brand Ambassador with Sailor Guevara

Sailor Guevara’s webinar will provide unique insights into the world of brand ambassadors and why having one is a vital component of your spirits journey. Join us for this extraordinary opportunity to learn from one of the most influential and dedicated individuals in the industry.


Developing Flavor with Nicole Shriner

Join us for an exciting webinar led by Nicole Shriner, Teaching Specialist in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. Discover the rising fascination among distillers and whiskey enthusiasts for heirloom, specialty, and terroir-infused grains. She recently published, How to Maximize Flavor from Specialty Grains: A Practical Guide, on Distilling.com.

Exit Strategies for Your DSP with James Yoakum

Discover invaluable insights from James Yoakum in our webinar, “Exit Strategies for Your DSP,” as he shares his expertise on navigating the challenges and opportunities of exiting your craft distillery business.


LIQUEUR 201: Mastering Grain to Glass Liqueur

LIQUEUR 101: Herbal Liqueurs, An Introduction

Join us for an engaging exploration of liqueurs! Discover the art of crafting these delectable spirits, from their unique ingredients and production methods to the diverse flavors they offer. Learn how to elevate your spirits’ portfolio and learn a little bit of history behind these delightful beverages.

Transform Your Business Through Budgeting with Maria Pearman

An operational budget is the single most impactful action a business can take to impact its future. We’ll discuss how to write a budget and use it as a management tool to ensure your distillery achieves its intended goals. Maria Pearman, CPA, is an expert in the beverage alcohol and specializes in internal accounting processes, financial reviews, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, financial strategy, and succession planning. Maria is a featured speaker, author, and instructor on topics in the beverage alcohol space. She has taught courses at the University of Vermont and Portland State University. She is also the author of Distillery Finance available at https://distilling.com/book/distillery-finance/

Alternative Distillery Finance with Lenny Gotter

Join our upcoming webinar featuring Lenny Gotter, a seasoned professional brand builder in the spirits industry, as he unveils “Alternative Funding Strategies for Distilleries.” Discover innovative ways to finance your distillery venture beyond traditional bank loans, from leveraging your personal network to exploring options like grants from the USDA, SBA loans, Square and Shopify, equipment financing, debt crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, and investment opportunities ranging from $250,000 to $10 million. Gain invaluable insights from Lenny Gotter to empower your distillery’s financial success.

Gin 201: Mastering Gin

This webinar delves into the fundamental processes of maceration, decoction, and infusion in the context of gin-making, highlighting their crucial roles in crafting unique and flavorful gins. Divided into three modules, Understanding Maceration, Exploring Decoction, and Delving into Infusion.