Government Affairs

Federal Excise Tax Reduction

The long sought reduction in federal excise for distilled spirits ends December 31, 2019. Phone and write your Federal representatives to make these tax cuts permanent. More…


TTB The Alcohol and Tobacco and Tax Trade Bureau is the Federal regulatory agency in the US. FAQs regarding TTB Help can be found here…

TTB is currently seeking public comment on the proposed labeling modernization. More information here… and listen to the TTB’s presentation from ADI’s 2019 Conference.

Survey of Tasting Room Laws for Craft Distilleries

Laws regulating distilleries can vary widely from state to state and the results of our survey are made public as a resource for distillers to better advocate and communicate with local legislators.

Local Alcohol Beverage Authorities

TTB provides a list of links to local alcohol beverage control authorities in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.