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TTB is Seeking Feedback

(i) any unlawful trade practices in the beer, wine, and spirits markets, such as certain exclusionary, discriminatory, or anticompetitive distribution practices, that hinder smaller and independent businesses or new entrants from distributing their products;

(ii) patterns of consolidation in production, distribution, or retail beer, wine, and spirits markets; and

(iii) any unnecessary trade practice regulations of matters such as bottle sizes, permitting, or labeling that may unnecessarily inhibit competition by increasing costs without serving any public health, informational, or tax purpose.

The Top 5 Problems for Craft Distillers

All of these are allowed in in the US, but we are asking that all of these be allowed in every state

  1. Lack of DTC Shipping (Intra- and Inter-state)
  2. Lack of Self Distribution
  3. Limits on Cocktail Sales
  4. Limits on Bottles Sales
  5. Lack of Permits for Outdoor Markets
  6. Sunday Sales


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