Spirits United

ADI is proud to partner with Spirits United! Change will happen when the consumer is expressing their opinion about laws limiting their freedom to purchase and enjoy distilled spirits, and Spirits United is the connection directly from consumer to their government representatives.

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Spirits United

We are a community of advocates united with a common goal to ensure adult consumers can enjoy distilled spirits where they want, how they want, and when they want. Spirits United brings together professionals in the distilled spirits industry, partners, customers and consumers.

United, we can amplify our voices to reach important legislators and decision makers in our communities, states, and federal government.

United, we can secure a more modern and accessible market for adult spirits consumers.

United, we can make a difference.

Whether you are one of the 1.6 million professionals in the industry, a mixologist who crafts cocktails every day, or a loyal spirits consumer, we need your help to ensure a consumer-friendly market and guarantee our industry’s economic growth.

By joining Spirits United, you will have the opportunity to learn, influence, and engage on issues that impact our ability to make our own choices to enjoy spirits responsibly.


Our Vision

We live in a world that is moving with ever increasing speed and efficiency. In our effort to just keep up, we lose meaningful human connections that bring richness and vitality to our everyday lives. Shared drinks or cocktails between friends and family can fulfill that gap. However, every day, consumers who enjoy spirits and producers of those products face challenges—such as punitive taxes or restrictions on consumer convenience—from lawmakers on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures.

At Spirits United, we believe that when life gives you a chance and a reason to celebrate, you should have the freedom to enjoy spirits responsibly and without inconvenience.

But we need you and your voice to make this vision a reality.


Dedication to Responsibility

We believe that the freedom to enjoy spirits comes with the obligation to do so responsibly. Distilled spirits should only be consumed by adults of legal drinking age and in moderation. We are committed to preventing underage drinking, drunk driving, and promoting the responsible consumption of spirits. Visit Responsibility.org to learn more.