Ian Smiley

Ian Smiley is the author of the book, Making Pure Corn Whiskey, an Amphora Society publication, and he’s the former owner of Smiley’s Home Distilling www.home-distilling.com, a web store dedicated to home and laboratory distillers.  He has been exploring small-scale beverage-alcohol distillation all his adult life, and is a card-carrying member of the American Distilling Institute (ADI).  He’s written articles for their magazine, The American Distiller, as well as other writings on distilling, and is a featured author of the ADI-published book called Distiller’s Guide to Rum.  Ian has been involved in distilling, both professionally and as a hobby, for over 30 years.

Ian has extensive experience in producing most distilled spirits, but his passion is for all types of whiskey.  He has formulated recipes for the different whiskies and other grain spirits and produced them using various equipment, methods of mashing, and distillation.

He is an associate of Allied Beverage Tanks in Chicago and is their subject Matter Expert (SME) for the start-up of craft distilleries.  He is also a distillery consultant and has designed the distilling operation for numerous craft distilleries around the World and has formulated numerous whiskey, gin, and vodka products, and is currently doing the same for a number of other start-up distilleries.

Ian has written a new book, namely The Distiller’s Guide to Whiskey, which is presently being published by ADI and should be available before the end of the year 2020.  He plans to continue his activities in commercial artisan distilling.  He lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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