How to Host Engaging Virtual Events

Suzanne and Evan from The Crafty Cask who host virtual tasting experiences for craft makers all over the country. They’ll be teaching you their top tips, technical advice, tools, and best practices to ensure your distillery’s virtual events are engaging and set up for success. Learn more and get your own distillery featured in their events as well.

Suzanne Henricksen is the founder of The Crafty Cask, a company that celebrates and supports craft alcohol makers, and the 10-course online Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp. Passionate about all things craft alcohol, supporting the success of craft alcohol makers is her founding mission behind The Crafty Cask. Experienced in consumer marketing, video production, Meet the Maker events, and more. Suzanne will bring your brand and story to life in a way that makes it hard to resist! Getting you the consumer support you need during this unprecedented time and beyond.