Railean Distillers Opens Tasting Room

May 15, 2009

Railean Distillers announced today that they have officially opened their tasting room to the general public. Railean Distillers has been offering free tours of their rum distillery for over two years, however until recently they have been prohibited by the TABC from offering tastings.


Distilleries are the new toast of Washington

May 04, 2009

The first surprise when people hear about Pacifique absinthe from Woodinville is that absinthe is available at all.

It’s known as a mysterious green liquor banned decades ago for supposedly driving drinkers mad.

The second surprise is that hard liquor is made in Woodinville, land of wine-sipping and bucolic picnics.

Yet there it is, a licorice-flavored concoction being served with water and sugar cubes at homes and bars around Washington.


A Better Batch of Booze

Jan 03, 2009

It’s two o’clock in the afternoon, two hours before the official opening time of the tasting room at Montanya Distillers in Silverton. The place is already filling up.

Delena Aseere, assistant distiller and barkeep, is serving a trio of bedraggled, weather-beaten snowboarders lined up at the bar. Anywhere else, they might be clutching apres-ski PBR tallboys. But here, they each pull on a colorful, custom crafted, decidedly more foo-foo cocktail featuring the house specialty – Montanya’s own brand of rum.


Spirits: Newfangled American Whiskeys go Beyond Rye, Bourbon

Dec 18, 2008

With his plaid shirt, cowboy hat and neatly trimmed mustache, Jess Graber is as quintessentially Western as sagebrush and the Marlboro Man. So when Graber decided to enter the whiskey business several years ago, he realized that making an eastern whiskey such as bourbon or rye just didn’t feel right.


Craft publishing for the distilling industry

Dec 01, 2008

Classic Expressions are craft whisky publishers. The tiny Perthshire, Scotland- based business says its mission is to find and republish lost classics of whisky writing – rare volumes that you’d struggle to find in an antiquarian bookshop for less than hundreds of dollars (if you could find them).

They describe these treasures as little “time machines” a window into history which tells us how whisk(e)y and distilling used to be.


Important News for California Distilling Community

Dec 01, 2008

Distillers can serve for free at any non licensed venue, with a special permit, not just a non-profit. This is a new law.

AB 2293 expands on the set of rules with respect to what winegrowers and distillers can provide free of charge to consumers. AB 2293 generally allows wine and distilled spirits producers or their designated authorized unlicensed agent to provide FREE entertainment, food, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, and distilled spirits, to consumers at a facility not licensed by the ABC, such as an art gallery.


Bay Area home Distillers Make Modern-day Moonshine

Oct 01, 2008

Moonshiners live among us. By day they appear to be respectable members of society, perhaps writing software to make your Internet experience run smoothly. But at night and on weekends, after a visit to the farmers’ market or a nice brunch, they work in secret, sterilizing equipment, taking specific gravity and temperature measurements, and waiting impatiently as their illegal hooch drip, drip, drips out of tiny stills.


The Barrel House Distilling Co.

Aug 15, 2008

The goal for the three men behind Barrel House Distilling Co. is to make a premium bourbon in Lexington.

It’s going to take a while to make, so they hope you will try some vodka right now.

Partners Jeff Wiseman, left, Frank Marino and Pete Wright have opened a micro-distillery, Barrel House Distilling Co., at the site of the former Pepper Distillery on Manchester Street. The three are making vodka and rum and eventually plan to make bourbon. Their Pure Blue Vodka is now available on a limited basis, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Town Branch Trail.