Azeo Distillery
3230 Riverside Ave. Suite 190
Paso Robles, CA 93446
Tasting hours: by appointment

At In Vino Veritas, a local custom crush facility owned by winemaker Ryan Horn, David Vondrasek handled beer, wine and cidermaking for about 30 customers when he and Horn decided to add distilling to their portfolio. He began making vodkas from fruit in 2015. Azeo’s flagship spirits are 80-proof vodkas, the first from wine grapes sourced from California vineyards and finished in a 16-plate tower. His second vodka comes from hard cider made from California apples pressed and fermented on-site. The versatile, steam-jacketed 500-liter pot still has 4- and 16-chamber columns. Azeo has a gin tower, but with recipes still in development, Vondrasek said they’re not quite ready to release their juniper juice into the world. Keep an eye out, though, for grape-based “moonshine” (a young, neutral brandy), silver rum, an apple eau de vie and cordials, including a coffee liqueur based on a family recipe.

Products: Apple brandy, vodkas from apples and grapes, aged rum and brandy