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WEBINAR: Mastering Gin

July 26, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Introduction (5 minutes):

– Welcome participants and introduce yourself.
– Provide an overview of the course’s objectives and what participants can expect to learn.
– Highlight the importance of maceration, decoction, and infusion in gin-making.

Module 1: Understanding Maceration (15 minutes):

– Define maceration and its role in gin production.
– Discuss the various botanicals commonly used in gin and their flavor profiles.
– Explain the maceration process step-by-step, including the choice of botanicals, time, temperature, and alcohol concentration.
– Explore the impact of different botanicals on the final gin flavor.
– Share tips and techniques for achieving desired results through maceration.

Module 2: Exploring Decoction (15 minutes):

– Define decoction and its purpose in gin-making.
– Explain the process of decoction, including the choice of botanicals and appropriate extraction methods.
– Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using decoction in gin production.
– Highlight specific botanicals that benefit from decoction and the flavors they impart.
– Provide practical examples and recipes that incorporate decoction techniques.

Module 3: Delving into Infusion (15 minutes):

– Define infusion and its significance in gin production.
– Discuss the differences between maceration and infusion.
– Explore the infusion process, including the choice of botanicals, infusion methods, and their impact on flavor.
– Explain the role of temperature, time, and alcohol concentration in achieving desired results.
– Provide examples of popular gin botanicals best suited for infusion and their characteristics.
– Explain that infusion involves steeping botanicals directly in alcohol, allowing their flavors to transfer without heat.
– Discuss the advantages of infusion in preserving delicate flavors and aromas.

Conclusion and Q&A (5 minutes):

– Recap the main points covered in the course.
– Encourage participants to experiment with different techniques to personalize their gin recipes.
– Open the floor for questions and answers, allowing participants to seek clarification on any topics discussed.

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July 26, 2023
9:00 am - 10:00 am
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John Foster