The strength (Entry Proof) that a spirit has when it goes into a barrel is one important factor in maturation.  This seminar will cover maturation starting with the entry proof and discuss that factor as it relates to other factors influencing maturation of whiskey and other brown spirits.

Barrel Entry Proof, One Factor in Maturation

Stephen Gould

Mr. Gould is currently the Proprietor and Master Distiller at Golden Moon Distillery. He is also a consulting master distiller for an as yet-to-be-named whiskey project in County Kildare, Ireland. Mr. Gould has been distilling off and on for over 30 years. Mr. Gould lectures and teaches courses on distillation, including use of botanicals in the production of liquors and liqueurs, production of brandies and whiskies, craft-distillery start-ups and the history of spirits. He consults and provides tailored training for distilleries in the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He also writes for several industry trade publications, including Distiller Magazine and Artisan Spirit Magazine. Mr. Gould is an experienced whiskey and spirits Judge, judging in a variety of spirits competitions in the United States and Europe. This includes the International Wine and Spirits Competition, where he judges gin, whiskey, rum and liqueurs. He is also involved in legislative issues related to the spirits industry at the State and Federal levels, is responsible for Government Affairs for the Colorado Distillers Guild and is a member of ACSA’s Legislative Committee. As an spirits industry expert he is regularly called upon by media outlets, including TIME Magazine and CNN among others, to speak to issues related to the American spirits industry’s growth, trends and international trade issues. Author: Bitter Spirits The 500 Year Flood  

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