Blending, Maturation, & Warehousing Workshop



Friday, December 6, Saturday December 7 and Sunday December 8, 2019

Ironroot Republic Distilling – Denison, TX (

Instructor: Nancy Fraley, Nosing Services

Day 1 (Friday)

Our first day together will be spent in a classroom setting, as we examine the traditional philosophies and methods of blending whiskey, rum, and brandy, as well as “crossover” techniques in blending, such as borrowing from one tradition to the other to create something new.

Other topics will include how the barrel room or warehouse can be used as a tool to achieve certain aromatic profiles, wood policy and cask management, the effects of entry proof, water reduction or “proofing” theories, the use of traditional blending tools such as boisé, laboratory equipment, etc

We will also discuss the practical applications of blending, selecting and balancing the proper components for the blend to achieve a targeted spirit profile, and the impact on flavor of spirit and wood. Finally, we will look at fractional methods of blending.


Day 2 (Saturday) will be a “sensory” day devoted to putting the previous day’s theories to the test with nosing and tasting analysis of barrel samples, finished products, etc. We will learn what to look for when creating a blend when analyzing barrel samples. There will be a brief lecture on cellar management, the function and anatomy of the barrel, and the physiology of oak.


Day 3 (Sunday) will be a “hands-on” day where the class will be broken into groups and will be asked to replicate product “standards” which the instructor has created, that will be judged by other class participants. We will also discuss safety as it relates to the blending process. Finally, distillers Jonathon and Robert Likarish from Iron Root Republic will lead us on a tour of the barrel room and a tasting through their barrels.


$2,900 fee includes:

  • 3 days of instruction
  • Breakfast and Lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Welcome reception Thursday night
  • Farewell dinner Saturday night
  • Hotel Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights
  • Transportation between hotel and Iroonroot Republic Distilling’

Note: $2,750 early bird price ends on Labor Day – Sept 3, 2019

For more information, contact:

    • Anne-Sophie Whitehead – 973-698-4861 –