Shawn Soole

SHC represents a fascination with perfection. Driven to relentlessly explore and refine the bar & restaurant experience, SHC has evolved into an internationally-renowned hospitality consultancy. Engaged in every level of concept creation and venue management, like a finely-made cocktail, SHC delivers results far greater than the sum of their parts.

Over twenty years ago Shawn Soole won a State Title at the Australian Bartender’s Guild cocktail competition, and he has been entirely immersed in the dynamics of the industry ever since. SHC is the realization of his vision for a complete, inclusive consulting experience.

By bringing together a network of industry-leading colleagues, SHC combines decades of multi-faceted experience and innovations in all fields of hospitality, including graphic design, marketing and public relations.

Strategically, SHC’s mandate is to provide clients with a structured approach that outlines measurable goals. While implementing efficiencies across all phases of service to promote a healthier bottom-line, SHC recognizes that it’s just as important to drive sales through a strong brand story and tailored, effective marketing.

SHC’s services have been vital to the launch and/or ongoing success of numerous highly-acclaimed bars and beverage programs, such as Little Jumbo [2013], OLO [2015], Cafe Mexico [2016] and Pagliacci’s [2018].

SHC’s latest undertaking is the conceptual development, systems implementation, and launch guidance for Miss Fitz and Roxy, two bars under the SOS Group banner, in Singapore.

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